Flores (Flowers):  

With so many colors and shapes flowers are a delight to photograph. A lot of the flowers I shoot are wild and I come across them as my wife Shiloh and I hike around the many trails that bless the area where we live. 

The Western Blue-eyed grass with its bluish/purple leaves and bright yellow stamen is one of my favorites, as is the wonderfully exotic Princess tree flower with its purple tendrils snaking out from its wide open bud.

Many of my photographs are macro, taken with my faithful D300 (I love my D300) usually with the Nikkor 55mm 2.8 manual focus macro lens (love that lens) and then often with a series of extender tubes.

All of my shots are handheld (it's near impossible to shoot live wild subjects with a tripod), and I will often, very happily, get down in the mud to get the shot. There is also something very satisfying about handheld macro photography as it takes lots of patience, lots and lots of photos, and often the results are not clear until I load the photos up on my iMac and have the experience of seeing the secrets of the image revealed before me.  

I hope you enjoy viewing my flower photos as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

Arnie :-)